Addition: Three Rooms in One Family Room in Newburyport

This Family Room addition in Newburyport was conceived to create three separate spaces within one room – a place to sit and relax or watch TV, an informal place for family meals, and place to sit and enjoy a fire. The resulting design plays with the “three rooms in one” criteria by use of the elements of architecture that make up a room. The Fireplace serves as the anchor/central focal point of the room, and its importance is further embellished by its placement as the termination point of the vaulted axis created by the arched opening at the main house connection that is repeated once more in the exterior Elevation wall of the fireplace with its built-in bookshelves. The symmetrical spaces flanking the fireplace area are the sitting area to the right and the family table area to the left.

Another condition often found in older homes is their lack of connection to the back yard. This home boasted a beautifully landscaped side yard, but there was no direct way to access or appreciate it from the main living space of the house. The new family room addition creates a new axis and view corridor directly out to the terrace and yard. French doors lead the occupants, both visually and literally, out to the yard, and the connection to the yard formerly lacking in this house is achieved.

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